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"A good faux painter is an extermely valuable asset to an interior designer's resources.  It's not a skill that can be picked up by magazine or books.  In additon to the general knowledge of paints and faux products, an artist must truly be "an artist"!  Without the creative aspect of the profession one cannot be successful.  Lillian is the "artist behind the business."  I'm grateful that she is one of the resources I call upon when I need a room to look fabulous." 
Cynthia Regnier,
Cynthis Regnier Interiors

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General Topics

Q  Where do I begin?
A  Once you have determined the room(s)/area(s) you would like to update with a fresh look, call us at (856) 222-0497 or send us an e-mail to set up a consultation.  We will then put you on our calendar for a free consultation with our owner Lillian Beretta.  At the consultation, Lillian will show you her vast portfolio of sample boards showcasing the various faux finishes we can achieve.  She will also help you choose colors, take measurements as well as assess how your fabric, tile or carpet samples will work with the faux finishes chosen.

Q  What is a sample board and is there charge for a sample board?
A  Sample boards are used to give you an idea of what the finished project will look like.  No, there is no charge.  Click here to browse our online gallery of sample boards.

Q  Will the faux finish on my walls look exactly like the sample board?
A  Though we try our best to make the finished creation as close as possible to the sample board; variations can occur due to wall textures or lighting.

Q  Do I need to have a decorator or designer working with me?
A  It is not necessary for you to have a designer or decorator.  However, we welcome the opportunity to work hand in hand with your designer, contractor, decorator, or anyone working with you to achieve your desired look.

Q  Do you only do faux finishes?
A  We strive to be a “One Stop Shop”.   Our crew is also trained to straight paint walls as well as furniture and Murals.  Tell us your needs; we will do our best to accommodate them.

Q  How do I get on your job schedule?
A  Once Lillian's Paintbrush has the approval to proceed with your project a deposit of 50% of the total cost is due before the job begins.   When payment is received, we will place your project on our job schedule. The remaining balance is due on the day of job's completion. 

Q  How do I pay?
  You can pay by check, Cash, PayPal, Visa, American Express, Discover or Master Card.   Payment terms are : 50% of total before start of work and 50% at completion.  A 10% service charge will be incurred after 10 days of non-payment. 

Q  Do I need to move the furniture and cover items before the job begins?
A  We always encourage our customers to move any furniture or items that they are concerned about; however for the most part, we will move as well as cover all exposed areas to insure total protection.

Q  Is it cheaper for me to do a faux finish rather than wallpaper?
A  The realization is that wallpaper has a “triple cost” factor:  The cost of the wallpaper; the cost of installation; and the cost of removal.  All together these amounts can be considerably more than a painted finish.

Q  What are the benefits of doing a faux Finish verses wallpaper?
A  With a faux finish you don't need to worry about visible seams, the separation of seams, or the discoloration of leftover glue over time.  Most finishes are much easier to change and easily repaired if damaged.  Faux Finishes also allow for more options in customization as any color, look or texture can be achieved.   

Q  Are these finishes durable?
A  Yes!  Faux finishes are as durable as any other painted finish with the added advantage that they can hide nicks, fingerprints, and imperfections.  If you're looking to increase the durability of an area, just ask and we can present you with several options.

Q  How far will Lillian’s Paintbrush travel?
A  We are licensed to work in the state of New Jersey and the City of Philadelphia.  However, we have done many jobs at the Jersey shore and the surrounding suburbs of Philadelphia, as well as New York and Delaware.  Lillian’s Paintbrush is open to travel “just ask”.

Q  Will you provide me with a copy of your Certificate of Liability Insurance?
A  Lillian’s Paintbrush is fully insured and we would be more than happy to provide you with our Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Q  What's included in your proposal?
   Prices include ALL Materials, Labor and Equipment required.  All materials used in our processes are of the highest quality and guaranteed to perform as specified. Work will be performed in accordance with specifications and/or sample boards submitted.  Job site will be neat and orderly at the end of every work day. 

Q  What happens on the last day of the job?
  The client or representative must be present at job completion to sign our  "Job Completion Form".  And to review the completed job.   Any touch-ups needed after our last day on the job, will incur a charge of $40.00 per hour.


Q  Are Design-Muse and Lillian's Paintbrush different companies?

 No, Design-Muse is an in-house design studio and subsidiary of Lillian's Paintbrush.  As such, we're able to give you access to the same skilled, liscenced, fully insured specialists while offering a wider design focus than ever before.

Q  How do I begin?

  A simple call (856)-222-0497 or email  to our office begins the process.  Our friendly office staff will ask you a few basic questions such as your name, your address, your email address, and your phone numbers.   They will schedule a convient time to meet with you at your home and email you a confirmation of your consultation.

Q  How long will the consultation take?

A   The legnth of your consultation will vary depending on your project.  As a point of reference, a window treatment consultation for two rooms with 4 windows total will usually last about 1 hour.  During the consultation we will review design ideas as well as possible fabric choices.    

Q  How do I pay?

A   Once the proposal, fabric and design ideas have been accepted a 50% deposit will be required before ordering of fabric, then the balance will be collected after installation.  You can pay by check, Cash, PayPal, Visa, American Express, Discover or Master Card.

Q  How long will it take to recieve my window treatments?

A   Depending on the availability of your fabric and the business of the workroom, most orders are ready to install between 3-6 weeks.  







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