Our Team

Owner, Lillian Beretta is a licensed Faux Effects specialist through The Finishing School, New York.  Over the past decade Lillian has acquired certifications in Glazing, Lusterstone, Reactive Solvents, Pallette Deco, Stucco Lux, Venetian Plaster, Muraling, Modello Designs, Metallics, Rockkote, Foils, Pull Off Faux Stone, Cabinet Re-facing, Ovilla, Old World Frescos, Mica Powder, Stain and Seal, Imprints, Crackle Paints, Tissuing, and Applied Designs. 

We have several Core painters that work alongside Lillian and make up our crew.  These hardworking artists receive extensive training through Lillian's Paintbrush LLC and each benefit our team in a unique way.  We're proud to send you highly qualified, dependable workers excited to get the job done. 

Unlike other companies, we value your time and energy.  When you call our offices, you're sure to be greeted by the friendly voice of our office manager, Evelyn Szymczyk.  Evelyn believes  "Service is everything".  Her desire is to make your partnership with Lillian's Paintbrush LLC. a pleasant one from start to finish.